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Harry Seidler on Style (March 1992)

Leading Australian and international architect Harry Seidler was known for his strong views on design and on practice. His courage, frequent outspoken sentiments and his reputation for dogma, together with his innovative small and large scale works, have ensured that his reputation will live long after him. He is sadly missed.

Harry spoke at the RAIA Challenge of Excellence Conference in March 1992 in Melbourne on “A Design Philosophy…or Fashion”, and we recorded the entire illustrated presentation at the time. Harry later lent us his full set of original slides, and we were able to put this presentation together recently from that archival material.

We have other Harry Seidler material available, too, which we will post in the future, including his illustrated RAIA Tusculum talk on Grosvenor Place.

Commentary regarding Harry Seidler and his work can be found at the web site of his practice, The site also contains an audio interview from the vaults of the ABC and other goodies.

Producer – Ron Brown

Editor – Karl Fox

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