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Episode 48: Women - Dimity Reed (Part 2)

In this new series, Women in Architecture, Jan Henderson examines the issues facing women in the profession, and whether there really is a glass ceiling!

In this second program in the series, Jan talks with Dimity Reed, architect and urban planner, who was a founder of the Association of Women In Architecture in the 1970’s. Prof Reed has a long list of credits to her name, as former Professor of Urban Design at RMIT, as President of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, Victoria, 1984-198, as Architecture Commentator, ABC Radio, as Member, Design, Amenity and Integration Panel, Melbourne Docklands 1987 – 2003, as Member, Design, Amenity and Integration Panel, VicUrban 2003 – 2006, as Board Member, Urban and Regional Land Corporation, 2002 – 2003, as a Member, Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Planning Division, as Chair, Victorian Council of the Arts, 1985-1992, as Member, Melbourne City Council Housing Advisory Committee and as Board Member, Renewable Energy Authority amongst many other appointments and accolades.

Dimity frankly and wittily recalls the history of the struggle of women in architecture over the past more than 40 years to achieve equality in status and opportunity in the profession in Australia.

Filmed on location at The Orient Express showroom, Richmond.

Producer /Director – Ron Brown

Camera – Ron Brown, Amruta Nargundkar

Editing – Jessa Rose

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