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Episode 52: Women - Shelley Penn (Part 2)

In this new series, Women in Architecture, Jan Henderson examines the issues facing women in the profession, and whether there really is a glass ceiling!

In this seventh episode in the series, Jan talks with young Melbourne sole practitioner Shelley Penn, about her practice and where her career is leading.

Over the past 20 years, Shelley Penn has worked within the architectural profession for the advancement of architecture through her work and as a member of the Australian Institute of Architects, where she was the 2012 National President, and a National Councillor for 5 years, and started working as a sole practitioner in 1993.

Shelley Penn has been Chair of the National Capital Authority since 2012. She has been a board member of the NCA since January 2010 and Acting Chair since October 2011. As Chair of the NCA, Ms Penn plays a crucial role in implementing the agreed recommendations contained within Canberra a Capital Place: Report of the Independent Review of the National Capital Authority by Dr Allan Hawke.

Filmed on location at Orient Express Showroom, Richmond.

Producer – Ron Brown

Director – Ron Brown

Camera – Ron Brown, Jessa Rose

Editing – Miru Song

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