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The Sustainability Report: Patrick Blanc

Patrick Blanc is a French botanist, working at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, where he specialises in plants from tropical forests. He is the modern innovator of the green wall. He is responsible for modernising and popularising the garden type.

Blanc has brought his famous vertical gardens to projects by some of the world’s leading architects including Andrée Putman, Herzog et de Meuron, Marc Newson and Saguez et Partners, and Ateliers Jean Nouvel of the One Central Park residential towers on Sydney’s Broadway. One Central Park has become the world’s tallest vertical garden. Blanc’s eye-catching artwork completely transforms the Sydney skyline.

Emine Mehmet spoke to Patrick Blanc, on his inspiration and philosophy behind what has made his vertical gardens so internationally popular.

Producer – Ron Brown

Camera & Director – Jessa Rose

Editing – Jessa Rose

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