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Episode 59: WAF 2014 Richard Francis-Jones FJMT

Richard Francis-Jones is one of the Design Directors at the award-winning architectural firm FJMT.

Since graduating from the University of Sydney in 1985, Francis-Jones has worked for firms in New York, Los Angeles and Paris. Under his leadership, FJMT has won several awards and competitions, including the Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Buildings, the Lloyd Rees Award for excellence in Civic Design, the Lachlan Macquarie Award for Heritage and the Greenaway Award for Conservation.

Apart from his work at FJMT, Richard Francis-Jones also engages in university life. He has taught at universities both in Australia and overseas, and led several conferences on architectural theory, including the RAIA 2008 National Conference.

Jan Henderson caught up with him at this year’s World Architecture festival, to talk to him about the nature of FJMT’s projects and their current and future plans.

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