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Episode 104: Architects Overseas - Karl Fender

Jan Henderson explores Australian architects working abroad and discusses the projects, challenges and motivations behind this.

In this week’s episode, Jan talks with Karl Fender, founder of Fender Katsalidis Architects. We learn some processes behind his extensive career, the design briefs and the intricacies of designing for foreign clients in Malaysia, Thailand and China. We get to hear about some of the obstacles Karl faced while working in a foreign country. As well, we find out about the many advantages and experiences these countries are able to offer an architect.

See Karl’s projects by visiting the firms website here

Watch the 33-minute extended version of this fascinating interview here.

This weeks story is brought to you by:

Henderson Media Consultants

Producer: Jan Henderson Director: Ron Brown Camera Operator: Ron Brown and Sandi Miller Editor: Andrew Cox

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