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Episode 114: Architects Overseas - Donald Bates

This week on Architects Overseas Jan Henderson talks with director Donald Bates, of LAB Architecture Studio. They discuss some of the projects that Donald has undertaken and also the processes and challenges that working in a foreign country entails.

LAB Architecture Studio is an international architectural practice pursuing the formulation of original, challenging contemporary building projects. as architects and urban designers, our principle aim is to provide the spatial imagination necessary for constructing a new sensibility towards designing innovative and viable buildings within the confines of real world constraints and opportunities.

Through completed works, competitions and current projects, Lab Architecture Studio has consistently proposed a re-invigorated and expanded exploration of the effects of new organisational and ordering strategies through architectural form.

This story brought to you by:

Henderson Media Consultants

Producer: Jan Henderson Director: Ron Brown Camera Operators: Andrew Cox and Sean Smith Editor: Andrew Cox

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