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Episode 118: Architecture & Education - John Redmond

In this story on Architecture and Education, Jan Henderson talks with Professor John Redmond, who is the Dean of Architecture at The University of Sydney. They discuss the University’s approach to the discipline through the utilisation of state of the art technologies which allow the students to excel in today’s built environment.

Professor John Redmond commenced as Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning on the 30th of August 2010, bringing a wealth of experience in University management and academic leadership. His own work has been particularly focussed on industrial design but has also covered communications design and the design of environments. Much of his work has been in industry-based research and practice. Other work has ranged from design of equipment, to work on the nature of design research, the theory of form, the aesthetics of products, and the visual and design aspects of the protection of intellectual property.

This story brought to you by:

Henderson Media Consultants

Producer: Jan Henderson Director: Ron Brown Camera Operators: Ron Brown Editor: Andrew Cox

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