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Episode 71: Lyon Housemuseum

‘Lyon Housemuseum’ is a colourful and thoughtful essay on nationally acclaimed Melbourne architect Corbett Lyons bold and unique home. The home which opens weekly to the general public, showcases his outstanding modern art collection and features deft camera work of exemplary sculpture, paintings, installation and video art. This two minute version is extracted from the full 10 minute version available on DVD (see link below).

The Lyons architecture firm is based in Melbourne. Established in 1996 by brothers Corbett Lyon and Carey Lyon, the firm now has three other directors- Cameron Lyon, Neil Appleton and Adrian Stanic – and around 85 architects. Lyons is known for large commercial and institutional buildings such as the BHP Billiton Global Headquarters in Melbourne, the John Curtin School of Medical Research in Canberra, the Central Institute of TAFE in Perth, the Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, the School of Medicine and Menzies Research Institute in Hobart and the School of Medicine and Research in Sydney.

Video supplied by Kerry Gardner

Buy the full 10 minute version on DVD here.

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