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Episode 73: Parlour - Women in Architecture

Karen Burns, senior lecturer at University of Melbourne and Co-founder of Parlour, discusses the website and the progress it has made for equity in the profession with ArchiTel Interiors editor, Jan Henderson.

A place for active exchange and discussion, Parlour brings together research, informed opinion and resources on women, equity and architecture in Australia. Parlour is currently running a crowd funding campaign to support further research and their cause. Show your support and donate here.

Statistical compilation and analysis led by Gill Matthewson

Producer: Ron Brown

Camera A: Rishi Patanckar

Camera B/Editor: Nathan Carden

Photography supplied with courtesy of Peter Bennetts (Making Conference 2014, Parlour inc launch 2015), Jonathan Butler & Phuong Le (Transform 2013) and Roger Williams Alumni (Beverly Willis Foundation)

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