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Episode 131: Patrik Schumacher chats with Jill Garner at MPavilion

This week on ArchiTel TV, Jill Garner (Victorian Governent architect) talks with Patrik Schumacher, the principal of Zaha Hadid Architects at MPavilion in the lovely Queen Victoria Gardens space.

In this talk, Jill explores questions about the legacy of the high-profile of Zaha Hadid herself & her architecture practice. Patrik shares his story of joining her firm when he was a student and explains the importance of teaching and doing research work with young students and architects to develop innovative and original work that help contribute to the contemporary landscape around the world today and in the next couple of years. Patrik emphasises this need of teaching as a tool to pass on knowledge & to develop it. He was influenced from Zaha Hadid who was a 'teacher' throughout the majority of her life - Patrik now acts as the teacher in her practice.

Read more about Patrik's 'experimental' research study on 'Parametricism,' 'semiology' and 'life processes' model in his writings.

Click HERE to watch the extended full interview.

This recording:

Director: Ron Brown

Camera Operators: Ron Brown & Alexandra Leary

Editor: Andrew Cox

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