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About Us

Architecture Television ( brings information, opinions and project news to architects, designers, builders and building owners in Australia.

Based on the successful 90’s video-based series “Archivision”, also created by award-winning architectural film maker Ron Brown, ArchiTel takes advantage of the speed and ubiquity of the internet to provide instant, interactive and modular access to the project, product and personality stories that are featured on the channel.

The ArchiTel channel functions as a rich-content multi-media web site and a television program. It reports on residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and public projects, as well as covering historical and refurbishment activity, new products, green building trends and provides in-depth interviews with personalities in architecture, building and property.


Apart from our free original content, as of April 2018, ArchiTel TV for the first time on our channel site, will share architectural feature films to watch for free, or rent or buy in high quality streaming.

We hope this will expand our fans and audience reach as well as providing a more entertaining hub for viewers with interest of our amazing built environment.

Check them out here.


As a special feature, Architel digs into the archives from the 90’s to revisit feature interviews with leading internationals such as Sir Norman Foster, Daniel Libeskind, Sir Jack Zunz, Harry Seidler, John Denton, and dozens of others who have appeared before Ron Brown’s “Archivision” cameras.

Their projects, their philosophies and their approach to design still resonate years, even decades, later.

As well, we cover conferences, talks, papers and workshops in the profession to bring you the latest thinking on topics as broad as sustainable design to professional indemnity insurance.

In the future, we will appoint international correspondents to contribute content from around the world that will be of interest to Australian architects, designers, builders, developers and owners.



Architects and their clients are invited to submit commercial, residential, heritage, ESD and public projects for feature on the program.

Each program features project reviews, interviews with the design team, aspects of the construction and a mini-documentary of the project.

From single innovative residential projects to large scale monumental landmarks, all project types will be considered. In some cases, sponsorship may be sought to meet the costs of production.



Building and decorative product manufacturers and service providers are also invited to submit new products and services for review.

Each program will feature the latest in new building materials, service innovations, product developments and sustainability trends. Reviews of projects featuring these new products and services are encouraged.

Sponsors whose projects and products are selected will benefit from links from ArchiTel to their own sites, as well as unlimited use of the completed video for their own marketing or educational purposes.

Submit your new product or service now!


Image on the left:

Rem Koolhaas's 2017 MPavilion Design.

Credit to image owner.

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