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Cities of Tomorrow: Vertical Farms

Dir. Benoit Laborde

Cities of Tomorrow series 1 Episode 3, ARTE France

Duration: 54 minutes

Language: English

There are 3.6 billion urban dwellers on Earth, a figure that will double by 2050. How can we feed these people without depleting the planet's resources and using minimal space?


As part of a "Cities of the Future" evening, the academic Dickson Despommier proposes: "1 hectare of indoor cultivation is equivalent to 10 hectares of outdoors. For him, the future is in the self-sufficiency of cities thanks to vertical farms. Models about ten meters high already exist, especially in Singapore. What inspires architects, dreaming of giant towers housing lettuces, tomatoes ...


The documentary Vertical Farms, broadcast on Arte, is the third part of the documentary series Les Villes du futur (Cities of Tomorrow). The concept of vertical farm was born in the early 2000s. On the roofs of New York and Montreal, "ageekculteurs" combine new technologies and agriculture to produce fresh vegetables without pesticides.

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