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Episode 69: Ken Maher talks ASBEC, AIA

Ron Brown, Executive Producer of ArchiTel TV, speaks to Ken Maher about his newly elected roles at ASBEC and the AIA.

ASBEC, the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council, is the peak body of key organisations committed to a sustainable built environment in Australia. ASBEC’s membership consists of industry and professional associations, non-government organisations and government observers who are involved in the planning, design, delivery and operation of our built environment, and are concerned with the social and environmental impacts of this sector.

Ken Maher is a leading Sydney-based architect, active in practice and academia. He speaks frequently at conferences, public forums and has advised government on design, sustainability and the future of cities throughout Australia and internationally. Ken has a strong interest in role of design in contributing to public life.

Ken is a Fellow of HASSELL and a Professor with UNSW Built Environment. In 2015, he was appointed chair of Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council Board, and president elect of the Australian Institute of Architects National Council. He is chair of the City of Sydney’s Design Advisory Panel, a member of the Sydney Opera House Eminent Architects Panel and a board member of Urban Growth NSW and the Co-operative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living. In 2009, Ken was awarded the Australian Institute of Architecture’s highest accolade, the AIA Gold Medal.

Director/Camera Ron Brown

Editor Nathan Carden

Photos of Josh’s House: Energy Efficient Housing Project supplied by Josh Byrne & Associates and VAM Media

Photos of Hassell Projects supplied by Peter Bennetts (ANZ Centre), Earl Carter (ANZ Centre), Doug & Wolf (ICC), Max Creasy (NIDA), Brett Boardman (Common Ground Housing) and Patrick Bringham Hall (Olympic Park).

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