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Episode 123: Glenn Murcutt's Mosque

In this episode we explore the new Australian Islamic Centre in Newport. The Australian Islamic Centre is an initiative by the Newport Islamic Society (NIS). As a not-for-profit organisation the NIS has been active in serving the community since it was established in 1989. The new Australian Islamic Centre will have considerable benefits to the entire community in Hobsons Bay and specific benefits to the local Muslim Community.

The centre is designed by Glenn Murcutt, one of the world’s most renowned architects, in collaboration with Hakan Elevli of Elevli+ Architects, and built by Mohammed Haddara of HaddarCo. Both the architects have a vast portfolio of works of a standard that far exceeds expectation. The AIC adopts Murcutt’s ethos of design; contextualising a building to ensure it optimises it’s climatic conditions. The AIC blends harmoniously with context. A Masjid does not require a specific aesthetic for it to serve its purpose as a place for prayer. It can adopt local forms in a non-Islamic context and in no regard will it minimise any reward of congregation.

The glass used in this project is a vital part of the Mosque’s architecture. The building comprises 50% concrete and 50% glass which was provided by MS Glass and Regency Windows. The glass is controlled to the east, which is the women’s area upstairs and the entry downstairs. One glass wall also looks on to the water feature which creates beautiful reflected patterns within the mosque itself. As Glenn says “of course nature is very important to the islamic community, its about the oasis and survival. This building has many elements in it that read of the islamic community in terms of translucency and transparency, so the glass is a vital component of the design.”

This weeks story is brought to you by:

Producer: Ron Brown

Directors: Jacques Sheard & Ron Brown Camera Operators: Jacques Sheard & Ron Brown

Editors: Jacque Sheard & Andrew Cox

Interviews: Jan Henderson

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