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Episode 30: Green Cities 2013 - 8 X 8 Highlights

The Green Cities 2013 Conference was held March 2013 in Sydney. Presented jointly by the Property Council of Australia and the Green Building Council of Australia, the event was well attended and well received. ArchiTel covered key events at the Conference and we will present 6 of them over the next month on the channel.

This session, Fifty Shades of Green (8 x 8), featured eight presenters tackling the big questions facing the green building movement and provide inspiring takeaways. We feature the best of the session, in an abridged form. The speakers are James Redwood, ICT Manager Hansen Yuncken, Colin Reay, GPT Group and Lawrence Yu, JHA Consulting Engineers.

Producer – Jesse Delmo

Camera – Michelle Cotterill

Editing – Amruta Nargundkar, Dayna Shorthouse, David Williams

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