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Episode 129: Kristen Orr - UTAS

This week on ArchiTel Jan Henderson talks with Dr Kirsten Orr from The University of Tasmania. Dr Kirsten Orr is Professor and Head of the School of Architecture & Design and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of the Science Engineering & Technology. She is a registered architect (non-practising) in Tasmania (no. 997) and New South Wales (no. 6236).

Her research and teaching balance traditional academic research with contemporary practice-based investigation and are underpinned by a deep interest in Australian architecture and material culture. This stretches from the nineteenth century, when the Australian colonies were on the cusp of nationhood, to today, when emergent technologies are rapidly transforming construction practices and challenging the way architects contemplate and manipulate architectural form, structure and material.

Kirsten brings substantial professional leadership in the discipline of architecture underpinned by a comprehensive understanding of the complex interrelationships between the university sector, the architectural profession and the workings of State and Federal Government. She has held appointments to all of the major Australian government and professional bodies regulating the practice of architecture, the education of architecture students, and the accreditation of Australian architecture programs. She is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects.

This weeks story is brought to you by:

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Host: Jan Henderson Director: Ron Brown Camera Operators: Ron Brown Editor: Andrew Cox

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