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Episode 143: Skipping Girl Vinegar Factory

This week on ArchiTel, we bring you the Skipping Girl Vinegar Factory by One20 Group. We speak with architect Adrian Light about his amazing reuse, recycle and repurpose project.

Built in 1890, the building was initially a bakery, then it was turned into a vinegar-making factory in 1900, later becoming known as the “Skipping Girl Vinegar” brand.

The project has been designed to be sustainable down to the construction phase, which involved a zero-waste policy, where no rubbish skips were allowed on site and where every material was re-used, recycled or repurposed. Nothing left the site.

By using high performance windows, thermal mass, insulation, natural ventilation and shading, this project challenges the way we build things in a sustainable manner.

By re-using each material found onsite, it can be said that the building itself was totally preserved. - One20 Architects

Finished building photography by Kit Haseldan

Before renovation photography by Aaron Sebo

Historical photos courtesy of Darebin Historical Society

This episode is brought to you by:

Producer: Greg Kelly

Director: Ron Brown

Camera: Ron Brown & Greg Kelly

Editor: Tess Emmerson

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